3 factors that make it possible to make real selling sites
Key components of our success

At iMedia we can provide you with a powerful turnkey website at an incredible price. We offer the best service to all our clients weather they want a business card site or a multi- profile e-commerce store. As far as we are concerned any website should sell in a way that fits the target market.

This is what allows us to carry out our tasks effectively:

15 years of
web development experience
Using the latest and most advanced
web- technologies
marketing tools

Our effectiveness is appreciated and recognised by our international customers and partners!

What makes us different from our competitors?
Why working with us is
convenient and beneficial?
We can’t say that there are not worthy competitors in the market, our conscience will not allow it!
However, the majority of site developers do not work for the client, but for their own benefit.
The main differences between our company and them are listed below.

  • They ask for a ready made statement of work or unclear questionnaires.
  • At best, they look at 2-3 competitors when undergoing competitor analysis.
  • They start with the design process which later requires a lot of reconfiguration to work.
  • They use basic and outdated solutions and designs.
  • They have a narrow specialisation and more complicated development of turnkey sites can become expensive.
  • They put off your project for made-up excuses such as, they are running out of time etc.
  • After the launch of a site they forget about the client and any problems they may have, and often simply disappear.
    We learn all our clients current business needs and goals for the future.
  • We study the competitive landscape, business specifics and offer recommendations.
  • We start all projects with a general concept and create a fully working product the first time round.
  • If necessary, we can develop unique tools for a specific business.
  • We solve complex issues in the most efficient way possible. We accept material responsibility as per the terms of the contracts we enter in to.
  • We offer support free of charge for a trial period.
You can order your site from iMedia or one of our competitors, but bear in mind our sites really sell!
5 "layers of packaging" for your business

How do we make
your website sell?

By working with us, you get an effective business package.
7 key steps to obtaining a sales tool

Workflow for creating a website

Objective setting

When approaching any project we put your objectives and wishes first, whether it be a business card website or a large trading portal.

Market research

Before developing a project, we analyse competitors websites and choose the most effective variants of structure and information presented.

Concept development

Experts create a set of designs highlighting the main sections of the site, demonstrating the look and feel we are aiming for.

Creating a website
We develop a web project “from scratch”: From the production of an initial concept, through: design, programming, integrations and on to content creation.
Before releasing a site to the live environment we check it thoroughly for bugs, ensure cross- browser compatibility and test cross-device to ensure display/functional perfection.
We train your employees on all the features of the site, clearly and concisely we explain how to work with the admin panel and to fully benefit from the developed functionality.
Support and promotion
If required, we can continue to take care of your site once live. Keeping the content up- to-date, updating the software, and integrating with new tools, ultimately attracting new customers.
Ask us any questions and order your new website today!
We offer every client the most suitable solution to their needs!
Versatile approach to web resource development
Main directions of web- development:
Adaptation of a template solution, based on 1C- Bitrix, to a specific site

That allows you to start selling online in the shortest possible time with a minimum budget

Bespoke development based on CMS 1C-Bitrix, Drupal or Magento

Creation of multifunctional sites in a relatively short period of time, within a previously agreed budget

Custom development using Yii and Zend frameworks

Creation of bespoke applications across all aspects of we technologies, chosen to fit the specific requirements of a particular business

The main benefits of a flexible approach to website development

  • Accurate development timeline;
  • High level of security;
  • Ability to identify a suitable budget;
  • Integration into accounting systems;
  • Maximum compliance with the requirements of the business;
  • The possibility to implement any type of project;
  • Effective integrations management.
The sooner we learn about your individual business objectives, the sooner we can provide you with the right solution!
Stack of technologies
  • html5
  • css3
  • js
  • stylus
  • sass
  • less
  • gulp
  • webpack
  • react
  • angular js
  • drupal 8
  • bitrix
  • Magento
  • git
  • Yii
More than 30 professionals will work with your project

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Examples of our work

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