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Websites development

Websites development

Key components of our success

The IMEDIA company offers to make a website in Minsk on a turnkey basis at the best price. We are equally reverent about any project from a business card site to a multi-profile online store. Each Internet resource in our understanding should sell in one way or another.
This is what allows us to achieve our goals:
  • 15 years of experience in web development
  • Using modern web technologies
  • Powerful Marketing Tools
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Why is it convenient and profitable to work with us?

Our conscience will not allow us to say that there are no worthy competitors on the market. However, the vast majority of website developers do not work for the client, but for their own benefit. The main differences between our company and this "majority" are given below.


They ask for a ready-made technical task or slip incomprehensible questionnaires.

At best, they look at 2-3 main pages of sites of approximately similar companies.

They start with design and therefore make websites that require multiple improvements.

They use only typical and often outdated solutions and layouts.

They have a narrow specialization (“only create”, “only promote”, etc.), and complex turnkey website development is expensive.

Breaking deadlines by inventing reasons for delays.

After the site is launched, they forget about the client's problems and disappear.


Please explain the objectives of the business in general and the future site in particular.

We study the competitive environment, the specifics of the business and the recommendations of marketers.

We start with the general concept of the site and create a working product the first time.

If necessary, we develop unique tools for a specific business.

We solve in a complex all issues of maximum site efficiency. We are financially responsible for the terms specified in the contract.

We offer support with a free trial period.

Our awards

Our effectiveness is confirmed by the recognition of customers and partners!
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How to create a website

7 basic steps to getting a sales tool
  • 01
    Problem Statement
    We put your tasks and wishes in the first place and take every project seriously, whether it's a business card site or a large trade portal.
  • 02
    Marketing Research
    Before developing a project, we analyze competitors' websites and choose the most effective options for the structure and presentation of information.
  • 03
    Concept Development
    Specialists create a layout indicating the main sections, demonstrating the site map and submitting the project for approval to the client with justifications.
  • 04
    Creating a website
    Developing a web project from scratch: from concept and design to programming, connecting tools and filling content.
  • 05
    Testing and running
    Before loading the site, the hosting server checks it for bugs, cross-browser compatibility and correct display on any device.
  • 06
    We demonstrate to your employees all the features of the site, quickly and clearly explain how to work with the admin panel and track the necessary information.
  • 07
    Support and Promotion
    If you wish, we continue to “take care” of your site: we monitor the relevance of the content, update the software part, connect new tools and attract new users.

You can ask all your questions and order a website today

Variable approach to the development of web-resources

We will offer each client the most suitable solution!
Web Development Essentials
Adaptation of a template solution based on 1C-Bitrix for a specific task
Creating a website that allows you to start selling online in the shortest possible time with a minimal budget
Individual development based on CMS 1C-Bitrix, Drupal or Magento
Create feature rich websites in a relatively short amount of time within an affordable and predetermined budget
Custom development using Laravel, Symfony or Yii frameworks
Creating from scratch all the elements of an Internet resource that best suits the specifics of a particular business
Key Benefits of Variable Website Design:

Real development times

High Security

The ability to create a suitable budget

Integration into accounting systems

Maximum compliance with the specifics of the business

Ability to implement any projects

Stack of technologies

Angular js
Drupal 8