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If you want to order the creation of a website on Laravel, come to the iMedia Solutions web studio. We offer development services and outsourcing production for IT companies, start-ups, and private businesses. We work with different frameworks, design and maintain interfaces, take on projects with complex architecture.

Why website development
cost to order in iMedia Solutions

Taking into account the fact that the created sites have a commercial focus, iMedia Solutions developers take seriously the issue of creating high-quality web resources. Most of the sites created by us do not lose their relevance for 5-7 years.
  • 1
    We use all the advantages of the Laravel framework
  • 2
    We carry out audience analysis, preliminary research
  • 3
    We create effective user interfaces
  • 4
    We make secure, load-resistant websites
  • 5
    We implement ready-made modules or create new ones from scratch
  • 6
    We test and refine the finished site
Sites on Laravel are easy to modify and maintain. An active developer community regularly updates the basic modules (payment processing, authorization), making the framework up-to-date at any time. Any refinement of the functionality will cost less than on a custom-designed platform.

How we work

  • 01
    We accept and analyze the client's task
  • 02
    We name the terms and cost of development
  • 03
    We create a prototype and approve it
  • 04
    Working on the code
  • 05
    Testing and finalizing the finished project
  • 06
    We hand over work, provide loyal support
The price for the job depends on the complexity of the task. The cost depends on the number of hours spent on development. The more complex the project, the more expensive it will cost. Since the Laravel framework allows you to reduce development time due to ready-made modules and basic architecture, you save 100-200% more than when creating a site on a personal engine.

Where the Laravel Framework is better than other platforms

  1. Work with any relational DBMS and support for NoSQL solutions
  2. Integration with Vue.Js, Memcached, Redis, ElasticSearch
  3. High quality codebase based on Symfony components
  4. Functional testing tools out of the box
  5. High degree of built-in protection against SQL injection and XSS attacks
  6. Pre-installed modules save development time and money

The framework is universal. Web development on Laravel is not limited to building corporate websites and landing pages. The platform allows you to implement a backend for mobile applications, auctions, bulletin boards, social networks, services with various functionality, and much more.

Why Choose iMedia Solutions

  • 1
    We adequately evaluate the task without overestimating the cost of work
  • 2
    We work transparently, we provide access to BugTracker
  • 3
    Communication with the team leader full time on any issues
  • 4
    We write clean code in the same style with comments
  • 5
    Submit weekly reports, plan and changelog
  • 6
    We cooperate with programmers of the middle level and above
Website development on Laravel in Minsk in the iMedia Solutions web studio is an opportunity to get an effective business tool. Order a web project of any complexity, we will do the job quickly and inexpensively.