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Yii is a highly efficient framework that can be used for the rapid development of large web resources of any complexity. The framework allows you to effectively apply existing developments to create new web projects. Development of web applications on Yii in Belarus is one of the directions of our company.
The iMedia Solutions development team has a lot of know-how, which makes us different:
  1. 01
    Acceptable price for services provided
  2. 02
    Minimum project completion times
  3. 03
    Great list of examples of work done
  4. 04
    Experienced Staff

Problems we solve or why our sites work effectively

Taking into account the fact that the created sites have a commercial focus, iMedia Solutions developers take seriously the issue of creating high-quality web resources. Most of the sites created by us do not lose their relevance for 5-7 years.
The advantages of sites on yii include:
  • 1
    High performance
  • 2
    The presence of a built-in class for data validation
  • 3
    Customizable design with built-in themes
  • 4
    The presence of a caching system that speeds up page loading
  • 5
    High security

Using the framework

This framework allows you to create large applications, providing the opportunity to maximize the concept of memorization with subsequent application of the code, which contributes to a significant reduction in the time required for the development of the site. If you need a mobile version of a small site, then it is not advisable to use non-Yii to create it, however, if you need a large project, then this framework is best suited due to its high performance. Learning the Yii framework will take a lot of time, as it has undergone numerous modifications since 2008, and moreover, improvements to its source code continue today.
It is best to order a Yii development service from highly professional web developers who are part of the iMedia Solutions staff.
Web development in yii includes a number of steps:
  • First

    Creating an interactive prototype

  • Second

    Design and layout layouts (if necessary)

  • Third


  • Fourth

    Project testing

  • Fifth

    Finding the Right Hosting

  • Sixth

    Installing a ready-made project on hosting

Why Choose iMedia Solutions

Our specialization is the creation of web-resources from scratch, taking into account all your requirements, as well as subsequent technical support for projects. iMedia Solutions develops websites using only modern management systems. When creating non-standard projects, our specialists use the Yii framework. Order a site on Yii from us and get a ready-made, functionally equipped resource. By contacting our company, you will save money and time, as well as get a guarantee that the future resource will fully meet all your requirements.
  • 01
    Individual approach - in the development of each project, the wishes of the customer and the specifics of his type of activity are taken into account
  • 02
  • 03
    Long-term cooperation
  • 04
    A wide range of possibilities - our specialists create websites of all types
Development of Yii sites in Minsk in iMedia Solutions is a complete study of the future web resource and the implementation of projects of any scale. We will create a website from scratch, develop the concept of all pages, design a unique design that matches the corporate style of your company.

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