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When everything is in place

Layout - a kind of "dress" for your site, on which he meets the user. Technically, it is a list of rules for displaying pages in HTML, taking into account the peculiarities of design. Because if the resource does not look correct on any device ("adjust" each other's fonts, moved out the picture, crossed blocks, etc.) - the problem is not in the layout, but in the layout.

Why is professional layout important?

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    Cross-browser compatibility
    Pages of the resource are correctly displayed in any browsers. Otherwise, if the site is laid out badly, it will look good only in certain browsers, and in others look "crooked": some buttons and links do not work, the content is overlapping on each other, sticks to the edges without indents, etc.
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    Source code
    At qualitatively compared sites the initial code is written on all rule, instead of as it will be necessary. So, search engines index such a resource better and faster, more correctly display in the output.
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    The finished version fully corresponds to the original template, up to the color of the small buttons, the shape of the elements and indents. When the screen is zoomed in, the main image remains centered and expands from the center, not from the sides.
Prices for layout sites are composed of a number of factors: type (adaptive or simple), complexity of design, the use of animation, support for browsers, the number of unique pages and elements. Call us - and after we see what you want, we will calculate the cost.
Do you want to know the cost of layout?

Why we?

Our web-studio 8 years creates sites of varying complexity: from "business cards" and landings to online stores and corporate portals. We have developed all kinds of tools, applications, pages with many blocks and small elements. The quality of our work is easy to check - look at any of the sites in our portfolio and make sure that everyone works as you need.
Creation of the site is engaged in several specialists: programmer, DTP, designer, marketer, copywriter, SEO-optimizer, tester. Despite the fact that layout seems to be a narrowly focused service, all the specialists work on it together: from planning the prospects of the resource, to design and finishing with writing, launching and filling the blocks.
We give a lifetime guarantee on every resource we've worked on. We are sure that when you decide to order the layout of your website in Belarus from iMedia Solutions, you will never take advantage of this opportunity. Our specialists initially do everything on "excellent", checking all the pages in different browsers and on different devices.
Website layout in Minsk is one of the main directions of our company's work. Regardless of whether you need an adaptive resource or an ordinary one, but with the mobile version, iMedia Solutions will take over the project, regardless of the level of complexity. We offer individual and ready-made solutions if you want to save not on quality, but on the final price.