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Corporate identity

Logo, corporate identity and brandbook as part of the identity
Corporate identity

What is the corporate identity of a company?

A corporate identity is permanent graphic and text elements, well-chosen in meaning, with the help of which it is possible to establish whether an object belongs to a particular company. Thus, corporate identity implies design in one color scheme, one style of the company's products, its advertising, premises, employee uniforms, printing, etc.
The corporate identity of the company is its kind of identification mark in the market. In addition, it is a powerful marketing tool, helping to strengthen its positive image in the eyes of customers and inspire the trust of partners, forming a certain corporate image, increasing the effectiveness of ongoing promotions.
We must not forget that by creating a corporate identity for a company, you thereby make it recognizable for your customers and partners. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the development of a corporate identity for a company in Minsk is not the work of one person, but of a whole team of specialists - from copywriters to marketers, which allows you to create a truly effective "product".

Branding Stages

  • 01
    The preliminary stage, at which the terms of reference are issued and all the necessary information about the company's activities, its place in the market, development prospects, etc. is collected.
  • 02
    Strategy Shaping
    Formation of a strategy and its main concept — analysis of the collected data, formation of an idea regarding the future corporate image, development of several options for an action plan.
  • 03
    Idea Idea
    Here comes the choice of the main idea, which will be the basis for all corporate identity elements. This also includes the creation of a sonorous and memorable name of the company, its slogan. After that, all developments are transferred to the customer for review and approval.
  • 04
    Design Solutions
    Here, a graphical embodiment of the chosen idea is developed, the color scheme is determined, the font and type of presentation of information about the company are selected.
  • 05
    Creating a Logo
    Creating a logo is the next step, which should be approached carefully and responsibly, because it is with its help that the ideological credo of the company is embodied. You can learn more about developing a corporate identity and logo here.
  • 06
    Element Design and Development
    Creation and development of the main carriers of the company's corporate identity: business cards, envelopes, letterheads and other elements without which it is difficult to imagine the company's activities.
  • 07
    The final stage of creating a company's corporate identity is a brand book, which is the main document for the further production of various promotional products. This stage is not the main one, but it is recommended, therefore, in the contract with the customer, it is negotiated separately and can be performed only with his consent.
The sooner you decide to brand your business, the sooner your brand will make money for you!

Branding Elements

In addition to the main elements, there are also additional ones, the development of which we can also offer to our customers:
Brand printing (booklets, posters, packaging, bags)
Developing branded uniforms for employees
Corporate merchandise, POS
Branding company vehicles
Multimedia presentation
Retail store design
Price Lists
The cost of a business package of the corporate identity of the company is from 5000 rubles. You can order the creation of a corporate identity or find out the cost of its development in any way convenient for you: by phone, skype or e-mail.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. What information is needed to develop a corporate identity?

    A prerequisite for the development of corporate identity is a well-filled brief, which the Customer receives before starting work. The more questions you fill out, the more accurately we can get to your needs. It is also desirable to provide more references (examples) of what you like. All this information is analyzed by our designers and develop a quality product.

  2. What elements are included in the development of corporate identity?

    The list of elements is very long: all kinds of stationery (folders, envelopes, pencils, etc.), flyers and posters, clothing and transport branding. We can also always consider developing options for elements that are not included in our basic list of elements.

  3. Is there a discount if you order a logo and all corporate identity elements at the same time?

    Yes, we always go towards our customers. The specific amount of the discount depends on the amount of work required and is always discussed during the preparation of documents.

  4. How is the corporate style approved?

    If you already have a developed logo that you like and does not require modifications, then using one of the corporate identity elements (for example, a folder, notebook or business card) as an example, we create a company style concept based on the logo concept. Next, we present the resulting concept to the Customer.

  5. If you have your own concept, will you use it in your work?

    Yes, the Customer\'s ideas are always accepted. But more often than not, such concepts require detailed elaboration. And after the work of the designer, the Customer in 99% of cases gets exactly what he wants.

Still have tough questions?