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Development of applications on Angular JS in Minsk is a popular service that can be used to solve many business problems. Angular JS is a modern kind of framework suitable for solving problems in large Internet projects. An application in this environment can be split into several JavaScript files, which makes it much easier to test them before further use.
Key features of the application:
  • 01
    This is a modern framework
    the use of which allows you to create new directives, thereby expanding the vocabulary of HTML. This allows you to build a convenient user interface using the HTML-based DSL language.
  • 02
    Automatic update
    happens on a regular basis, which removes some of the work associated with building standard options and re-rendering an existing interface
  • 03
    Large selection of standard templates
    the application of which does not place any restrictions on the JavaScript code.

Why Angular JS?

We offer to order the creation of an application in Angular JS in Belarus, which requires certain experience and deep knowledge in the field of web programming. We will create a stylish, simple and easy-to-use user interface that will take a short time to develop. In a sense, the framework places certain restrictions on the structure of the application, but this is a controversial drawback, because every framework created for solving serious problems adjusts the architecture to suit itself. The cost of the application development service depends on the complexity of the task and the scale of the work to be done. When used correctly, the capabilities of the shell are very large and allow you to develop a really high-quality program that contributes to the development of your business.

App Costs

The price of the Angular JS application development service is calculated individually and depends on many factors. The program is composed of several modules that are stored in separate files:
  • 01
    This is a container that stores the elements necessary to solve one or more purposes.
  • 02
    It stores code and highlights the general logic for the functioning of other program components. It can be a cache, file storage and many other purposes.
  • 03
    Represents the code that is needed to interact with the browser DOM tree, as well as its styles.
  • 04
    Stores certain logic that is needed for the operation of a single page

Why choose Imedia Solutions

Affordable cost and meeting deadlines
We professionally approach the solution of each task
Vast experience and individual approach to each client
We always listen to your wishes and, if necessary, make changes.

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