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No one will dispute that the world has been taken over by iOS devices and apps designed for them. The statistics are quite impressive: the App Store contains about one million applications that have been downloaded more than 50 billion times. From this it follows that the creation of applications for iOS in Minsk to order is a rather demanded task today.
For connoisseurs of the American brand, iMedia Solutions is ready to offer a full range of services for the development of high-quality applications for iPhone. Our specialists use every opportunity provided by this operating system and carefully work out all the ideas regarding functional innovations.

A number of problems that having an app solves

With the iOS app, you can:
  • First

    Benefits from competing companies

  • Second

    Raise sales growth

  • Third

    Get effective advertising

  • Fourth

    Automate business processes.

Starting to develop applications, we analyze what customers lack and offer our options. We also study all the reviews and constantly make adjustments, thereby improving the user experience with the application.

Why us?

iMedia Solutions is a company that has been developing iOS applications for business promotion for several years. We create a bright and popular product that does not leave anyone indifferent. For some small business areas, we already have ready-made solutions, which significantly reduce the time and cost of creating applications. If your type of activity differs from the proposed options, our managers will provide you with personal solutions to your problem.
Applications for mobile devices are created taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the individual characteristics of a particular business. Our developer himself publishes finished projects in the App Store and Google Play, and provides their technical support.
By ordering an application for iOS, the client gets access to a web-panel, with which he can manage all the contents of the project. In general, we offer a powerful product through which you will confidently step into the world of mobile devices.

Our specialties

Our list of services includes the development of iOS applications for iPhone mobile phones of the following types:
  • 01
    Interaction with user contacts in e-mail, social networks and phone book;
  • 02
    Creation of video and audio players, text and image editors;
  • 03
    Business applications
    Project management, file sharing, communication, etc.
  • 04
    Text editors, multimedia files, calculators, notebooks, etc.
  • 05
    Development of databases, reference books, encyclopedias, etc.

App development steps

This is an effective toolkit for promoting ads. In addition to contextual advertising, the service offers:
  • 01
    Idea development and consultation
    Customers turn to our company to automate their business processes. iMedia Solutions specialists consult and finalize the ideological component of the project.
  • 02
    Our developers evaluate the project, after which the customer is provided with a commercial offer.
  • 03
    At this stage, a meeting between our representative and the customer takes place to discuss the details of the project. Specialists develop a list of upcoming works together with the customer. After the entire list is approved, the customer signs an agreement with the company.
  • 04
    Sprint planning
    Discussing with the client the topics that should be implemented in the next sprint.
  • 05
    Preliminary results
    Our specialist in creating ios mobile applications (ipad, iphone) demonstrates to the customer the results for a week. Next, the developers analyze the possible risks, complete the sprint and optimize the further development of the program.
  • 06
    The customer receives a finished product that will allow him to achieve his goals.
High-quality programming for iOS (Apple) and Android is an extremely effective tool that allows you to promote your business and form a positive user attitude towards the company. Every year, the number of people using their mobile device not only for talking, but also for finding the necessary information and paying bills, only increases. As a result, the scope of mobile applications is also growing relentlessly.

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