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Development of online stores with high conversion

Why should we be trusted?

IMEDIA offers services for the development of turnkey online stores of any complexity. For all projects in which we took part, regardless of the complexity, a high conversion was typical. The following factors help us to successfully achieve our goals:
  • First

    The combination of 15 years of experience and the constant desire of our employees to learn something new

  • Second

    The ability to "sharpen" the design, functionality and content to create an effective sales tool

  • Third

    Marketing strategy is developed based on a thorough business and market analysis

  • Fourth

    All tasks for the development of the store are performed only by qualified full-time specialists.

Why do our stores really sell?

The art of choosing functionality. Selection of selling modules is always made individually depending on the specifics of the business.
  • 01
    Loyalty system
    Benefits for regular customers are expressed in cumulative discounts or other privileges for customers.
  • 02
    Scoring system
    Buyers can exchange points for purchases or certain actions for goods or benefits.
  • 03
    Trading Offers
    Benefits for regular customers are expressed in cumulative discounts or other privileges for customers.
  • 04
    The ability for customers to receive discounts when buying two or more products stimulates sales growth.
  • 05
    Constant contact with customers by sending informational, promotional, congratulatory and other messages.
  • 06
    Personal Cabinet
    Quick order based on previously entered data, option "goods for later", waiting list, "universal basket", etc.
  • 07
    Comparing products by specific characteristics helps the buyer to make a choice faster.
  • 08
    Saves the buyer from long waits on the line and offers a call back from the store.
  • 09
    "Smart" search
    The "smart search" function allows you to search for goods by the first characters and immediately offers options for goods.
  • 10
    Allows you to offer delivery and make a special offer specifically for the buyer from this region.

A Variable Approach to Online Store Development

Web Development Essentials
Adaptation of a template solution based on 1C-Bitrix for a specific task
Individual development based on CMS 1C-Bitrix, Drupal or Magento
Custom development using Laravel, Symfony or Yii frameworks
Main benefits of each approach:

The ability to start selling in a short time

Wide range of online store features

The ability to form an optimal budget

Minimum budget for creating an online store

The maximum possible set of online store options

Maximum compliance of IT with the specifics of the business

Which path you choose, you will get:
Max Security
The ability to integrate the store with accounting systems
Convenient online store management system
Online store development will improve your business

Steps of creating a successful online store

7 basic steps to getting a sales tool
  • 01
    Forming a task
    We collect your wishes and tasks into a single concept, carefully study the possibilities and draw up a plan for further work.
  • 02
    Competitor Analysis
    We study the online stores of competing companies, determine the most appropriate positioning option and site structure.
  • 03
    Based on the collected data, we create a single concept: sections, necessary tools, user capabilities, information presentation scheme. We agree with the client.
  • 04
    Creating an online store
    Completely developing the project: from design to programming, creating a convenient catalog and connecting the necessary tools. Fill in with information.
  • 05
    Testing and running
    Checking the online store for the correct operation of all tools and functionality, the literacy of displaying content on all devices, and the absence of flaws.
  • 06
    Functional Training
    We demonstrate to your employees all the features of the site, teach them how to work with the admin panel, taking a minimum of their working time.
  • 07
    Comprehensive support
    In the future, at the request of the client, we continue to work on the site (update the catalog, adjust the tools, work with content and sections), as well as promote and promote it.

Why is it profitable with us?

Advantages of IMEDIA as an online store developer
  1. 01


    Each of our clients receives exactly those solutions and tools that help develop their business.
  2. 02

    Responsibility at all stages

    All stages of development are carried out by our company and we bear consolidated responsibility
  3. 03

    Great experience

    We have been engaged in web development for over 15 years and offer only proven effective solutions.
  4. 04

    Experienced Specialists

    Our staff consists of qualified performers who know everything about web development, design and software
  5. 05

    Affordable Service Fees

    Minimization of the internal costs of the company allows us to offer our customers very affordable prices
  6. 06

    Convenient form of payment

    We always offer the most beneficial form of cooperation to reduce costs.

How to order a successful website?

Simple answers to complex questions
  1. How to choose a developer?

    Work with reputable companies!

    A reputable web developer should have a website where you can view completed projects. And these works should not be 2-3, but at least a couple of dozen. Also, reputable companies, such as IMEDIA Solutions, work under an official contract and prefer cashless payments.

  2. Is it expensive for reputable companies?

    Find out the cost and compare it with the prices of competitors!

    You can negotiate with IMEDIA Solutions specialists and set a preliminary task for free. If the cost is unacceptable, we are always ready to offer options to reduce it. And we are 100% sure that our prices are not higher than those of competitors.

  3. How to set a task?

    Let\'s set the task together!

    Our specialists know what questions to ask in order to understand the needs of the client. From the first minute of communication with the client, we try to become his friend and assistant. As a result, even those who have never encountered the creation of online stores before are fully aware of their needs and can clearly set the task.

  4. What should be a successful online store?

    Marketing research will tell you!

    The marketing strategy of an online store helps to choose a design, a set of components and create selling content. And the strategy is created by IMEDIA Solutions specialists on the basis of marketing research, which they will also conduct.

Still have tough questions?

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