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Mobile app development

Developing applications for iOS and Android
Mobile app development

Mobile App Development Approach

When the market offered the consumer smartphones and tablet PCs, a lot of attention began to be paid to such an issue as the development of mobile applications in Minsk. Our company is no exception to the rule - we can also offer this service to our customers. Our company has the official status of an application developer for Apple IOS and Android.
What distinguishes us from competitors is our extensive experience in this field and the ability to conduct deep and thorough examinations of ready-made applications for iPhone and iPad. We will be able to create software for a mobile device that will really be popular with users due to its convenience and ease of use.
Mobile applications developed by iMedia Solutions are economical in terms of energy consumption, which is a critical factor for many smartphone owners. When doing our work, we strictly adhere to the needs voiced by our clients, take into account the peculiarities of their business, and do not disregard such an important aspect as the design of the application.

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Why mobile apps?

In the business world, they are essential to help keep your business moving forward. With mobile apps, your employees can become more mobile and more productive.

In addition, with the help of these applications, you can speed up business processes, since you and your company's employees will have constant access to corporate information.

Mobile applications will allow you to get closer to your customers, as they make your company's services available at any time of the day or night.

We work with platforms

Windows phone

App Types for iOS, Android, Windows phone

Reference Apps
Allows the user to access any information they need at the moment
Communication Applications
Access social networks, ICQ, mobile email, etc.
Entertainment Apps
From audio apps to games
This includes calculators, mobile notebooks, diaries, etc.
Navigation Apps
These are mainly applications that work with electronic maps and GPS navigators
In addition, you can order development of a mobile version of your company's official website, which will work on a smartphone or tablet no worse than on a desktop computer or laptop.

You can always order a mobile app from us

Application development timeline

for mobile phones are calculated on an individual basis, depending on the uniqueness and functionality of the application, as well as its complexity. On average, creating a mobile application for iPhone or iPad takes from 4 weeks, but can reach 3-4 months.

The level of complexity of graphics and design of the future application is taken into account. In particular, if there is a need to reflect the corporate identity of the company in the design of the application, then the cost of working on it increases. The exact terms and prices for the development of mobile applications will be agreed with the customer after all the important points and details of the upcoming work have been discussed.

We develop mobile applications in spheres

Real Estate Agents
Online stores
Club Fitness
Gaming Clubs

Stack of technologies

Node js