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Node js

Node JS is a popular programming framework that is used to build many web applications. Finished projects are functional and fast, regardless of traffic. Application development on Node JS in Minsk is one of the popular services of our iMedia Solutions company. Contact us and we will create a quality project for you that will benefit your business!

What will you benefit from the service

The Node JS application development service will allow you to get:
  • First

    Convenient web application that is easy to scale (even if a thousand people connect to the server at the same time, Node will correctly prioritize, avoiding failure);

  • Second

    Ready-made project with great functionality and multitasking

  • Third

    Project with high performance and good performance

Steps of creating a NODE JS application

If you intend to order the creation of an application in Node JS in Belarus from iMedia Solutions, it will be useful for you to know how we will develop it. For convenience, we will write out all the processes in stages:
  • 01
    Contact Us
    The first thing you will need to do is contact us and introduce us to your case. We will listen to all recommendations, requirements and wishes regarding the web project, which will be subsequently developed.
  • 02
    Analysis of the field of activity
    Our specialists will without fail study the niche in which you work and analyze the applications of competitors in order to make the highest quality project for you.
  • 03
    Business process design
    Thanks to this, we save you money and anticipate possible errors in advance in order to eliminate them even before the development of the software.
  • 04
    Cost calculation
    The price depends on a number of factors and is assigned individually for each client. The more complex the project, the more financial resources will have to be spent on its implementation.
  • 05
    At this stage, you analyze it and edit it if you wish. All your recommendations for improvement will be promptly implemented.
  • 06
    iMedia Solutions specialists go directly to the development of the application on Node JS.
  • 07
    Testing and optimization
    If the developer finds bugs, he will fix them without fail until everything works properly.
  • 08
    Launch application
    At this stage, we do not say goodbye, but provide technical support, as well as make changes to the application, if you require it.

Benefits of working with iMedia Solutions

Why should you entrust the creation of a web application to us? Consider objective reasons:
  • 01
    We have extensive experience in Node JS development
    Our developers have implemented more than a dozen successful projects and are not going to stop there.
  • 02
    We always offer reasonable prices to our customers
    The cost we set will surely satisfy both parties. We will try to create a really high-quality project with minimal financial costs on your part.
  • 03
    Be sure to meet the deadline
    You will receive the finished application on time and will be able to take full advantage of it. We promise not to be late.
Order the creation of a web application on the Node JS platform. We guarantee high quality and are responsible to each client. Contact our team in any convenient way: by calling, ordering a call back or writing us an email!

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