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Creating a site on Magento is a service that is relatively new, but dynamically gaining popularity among Internet business owners. There are many content management systems. CMS Magento is a special platform that allows you to create websites with wide, almost unlimited functionality. Using it, you can create entire networks of web resources with centralized and convenient management.

Why do our sites really work?

Imedia Solutions provides services in the field of web development and website promotion on a professional level. We understand that an online store should motivate you to make a purchase as much as possible, and therefore we offer you to develop a Magento website with the right functionality.
  • 01
    Creation of convenient directories and subdirectories
    CMS Magento allows you to create entire networks of online stores with a single center for managing the range and price.
  • 02
    Consistency of improvements, compliance with deadlines and high quality of work
    In terms of customer convenience, colorful and user-friendly catalogs with the ability to preview products are a key factor for an online store.
  • 03
    Working with different currencies
    By managing an online store on the Magento platform, you can not only make payments in different currencies, but also convert them.
  • 04
    Customer accounts and analytics
    The rich functionality of the platform allows you to track the history of each of the customers, their orders and reorders. Convenient and transparent reporting system will allow you to manage the site effectively.

Steps of website creation
on Magento

In any process, the key to success is a systematic and phased approach. If you decide to order website development on Magento in Belarus, then you can safely contact Imedia Solutions as professionals in their field.
  • 01
    Job preparation
    We collect together all the needs and wishes you voiced for the future site. Having assessed the existing opportunities, we prepare a phased plan for further work.
  • 02
    Choosing a positioning strategy
    We analyze existing competitors. Based on the best practices and existing needs of the client, we determine the appropriate structure of the site and its positioning
  • 03
    Prototype development
    Creation of a unified concept of the future web resource with the definition of the necessary sections, functionality, scheme for presenting information to the client.
  • 04
    Test work and launch
    Having developed the site, we debug its work on all devices, check the correctness of the content display and the general correctness of the resource and all its functions.
  • 05
    Website training
    We visually demonstrate to you and all employees of your company the capabilities of the created resource, its functionality and available tools. Along with this, we provide training on how to work in the admin panel.
  • 06
    Site support
    Depending on the desire of the client, we continue to work with the created resource. We carry out its management, supplement the functionality, update the catalogs.

CMS Magento Benefits

The Magento platform is an effective tool for online businesses. The cost of developing a resource is repeatedly paid off by its functionality.
  • Generic

    There is no focus on any specific type of sales in the Magento system. This allows you to use the platform for online business in a wide variety of areas.

  • Customization for the Russian market

    The platform supports all methods of payment and receipt of goods that are relevant in the Russian Federation. It integrates with the 1C program, which is so popular in the field of sales.

  • SEO

    One of the key advantages of CMS Magento is its search engine optimization. Thanks to this, your online store will always be in a leading position.

  • Functionality

    Large selection of tools and features available. All extension modules are available for installation using the Magento Collect catalog at any time.

Strengths of iMedia Solutions

  • 01
    Highly qualified specialists
    The employees of our company have a high level of professionalism and know absolutely everything about software, design and web development.
  • 02
    Personal approach
    We proceed from the personal preferences of each client and offer only those tools and solutions that will help to actively develop the business.
  • 03
    Years of experience
    The company has been working in the field of web development for over 15 years. This allows us to offer our customers only proven and effective solutions.
  • 04
    Convenient form of payment
    We are ready to offer our clients the most convenient and profitable payment system in order to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of investments.

Order website development on Magento to grow your business

Whether you have a new company, or an existing one, but decided to create your own online store, the Magento platform will be the best solution for you. This convenient and multifunctional tool will allow you to actively develop your business. Website development on Magento in Minsk is our professional area, in which Imedia Solutions has no equal. Turning to professionals, you can be sure of the quality of the result.

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