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We make software, you make business!

iMedia Solutions is a modern IT studio focused on
use of design trends, advanced technologies and developments in the IT world.


Over the 10-year history of our company, both large and small companies managed to visit our clients; private individuals and public business; organizations from the CIS, Europe, USA, Chile and even South Korea.

Our clients develop their activities both in technical areas (energy supply, pharmaceutical production, construction) and in creative areas (design, tailoring, decoration).

Why should you work with us?


We know the specifics of your business.

Since 2009, successfully working with various companies, we have mastered the skills of creating products that, not in words, but in deeds, increase the number of sales for our customers.
If you offer a unique product, tell us about it. We will find the most effective solutions based on similar options and unique ideas for your particular business.

We understand your work

Working with clients from different countries and fields of activity, we have formed algorithms for the successful presentation of business in the web environment. They also identified automation tools for various business models.
As a result, already at the initial stage, we weed out obviously ineffective methods and concentrate on methods that will really bring you results.

Working with us, you get

A business that works 100% for you, providing an influx of customers and increasing profits. Tools and services designed exclusively for you and tailored to your specific needs and needs.


Company: OOO "Svarok-master"
Occupation: Sale of natural stone and products from it
Features of our work:
  • Website: we took into account the needs of the target audience when developing the catalog, as well as the requirements of search engines in terms of structure, content uniqueness, internal linking, etc. Created the necessary landing pages.
  • SEO: promoted more than 400 search queries of two types: commercial for targeted traffic (for stone products) and additional informational (for feature articles).
  • Social networks: revealed that the main target audience (architects, interior designers) is on Facebook, so they chose this social network for promotion.
After initial search engine optimization, site traffic reached 3,000 users per month.
Today, due to the competent work of both promotion channels and constant updating of the site, 20,000 people visit the company's resources every month.