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Android developer

Our expectations:
  • Strong knowledge of Android SDK, Android API;
  • Strong knowledge of Java and Kotlin, the basics of OOP and application design principles;
  • Ability to create flexible user interfaces and widgets, including working with styles, building custom View;
  • Knowledge of MVC, MVVM, MVP architectures, understanding of the HTTP protocol, skills for working with thread-safe code;
  • Experience with databases;
  • Knowledge and understanding of basic algorithms and data structures;
  • The ability to independently make decisions and evaluate the timing of tasks.
What to do:
  • Develop new applications and support existing ones;
  • Interact with the project team;
  • Write an effective, supported code by the standards adopted by the company;
  • Make estimates of the volume of work and fit into them;
  • Learn new technologies and introduce them into development.

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